jessica athas, founder

jessica athas, founder


The Martini Workout® was created based on the experience, personal style and spirit of its modern day founder, Jessica Athas.

Athas created this unique exercise program, The Martini Workout® and implemented her social wellness venture through engaging and entertaining programs and events. The Martini Workout® lifestyle brand represents, like no other . . . ~  sport, exercise + fun! 

The Martini Workout® has been host to private groups at travel destination locations; part of corporate and charity events; and sports outings nationwide.   

Signature cocktails + branded leisurewear is also part of the mix. 


The Martini Workout®  inception . . .


One day, Athas had her students balance a martini glass on their stomachs to demonstrate proper form of a challenging abdominal exercise she named, “The Ice Breaker”. They got the picture and the name was born.

Athas’ desire was to ensure that her students received a safe and fulfilling workout and also, one that wasn’t so hard on the joints - especially, to those who’ve experienced injuries  . . . or, are a little more seasoned. 

We all know that total body stretching + core abdominal strengthening is key to a better life both, at work + at play.

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